When My Body Want Sport,

I Skip Rope

Skipping Rope is Fun and Effective Workout

that can be done anywhere, Even at Home

Who We Are

THE SKIPPING - promoter of health and fitness, is a platform where you get variety of challenges' of Skipping. We organize skipping challenge regularly. Skipping is something which is fun and can be done anywhere and anytime; with rope and without rope.

Our Mission

Our mission is to see the better and fit world. Fitness is something which leads you towards better life. Your Fitness goals helps you to achieve you rest of your goals in life. Skkiping is a household sport and everyone loves it when doing. With the various challenges we will help people to stay fit & stay active.

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Why to Jump Rope - The Benefits of Skipping

Skipping rope improves mental health by releasing endorphins, a hormone produced by the body to reduce stress & pain.

Skipping rope boosts our immune system by increasing circulation of immune system cells like macrophages.

Skipping rope improves circulation and breathing enhancing our lung capacity.

Skipping rope is a full-body workout as it tones our upper & lower body parts.

Skipping rope improves coordination, stamina & focus.

Skipping rope help in the development of both left and right hemisphere of our brain thus enhancing instincts, thinking ability & memory.

Skipping rope helps in improve bone density and is less jolting on our joints.

Skipping rope burns approximately around 1600 calories in an hour.

Past Events

Father's Day Celebration

3 Days Skipping Challenge

Mother's Day Skipping


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